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V-Channel Ltd., 2004-2017


- Original chess engine. You can play with the v-Chess Mind on two levels of depth.

- PGN viewer allows you to view the games of famous grandmasters from the archive included in the program, as well as download and view PGN files from the Internet.

- Online chess game. You can play chess with other people in the Game Room v-Chess


is your personal messenger. You can add friends into contact list and exchange with them text message, photo and geolocation. Also you can make call to them over internet..


- v-Cinema allows you to view the movies that store on your external devices - iMac, Windows PC, WDTV Live Hub. External device that you can connect, must has Bonjour advertising service running, support CIFS/SMB protocol and be available on your local home network.

- The application allows you get and store TMDB information about movie into iCloud, so if you update moview information on iPhone it will be appear on your iPad and Apple TV. v-Cinema does not require any subscription to paid services.

- v-Cinema player supports most popular video formats - mkv, avi and others.


records the route of your trip and adds links to the photo into the point where this photo was created.
The saved route is not simply displayed on the map as a track, but also illustrated with photographs.
With iCloud support, you can sync data on all your devices. For example, by recording a route using the iPhone, then viewing it on the iPad.
iWatch application and Today's widget v-Space allows you to manage the GPS tracker for a more economical expenditure of battery power.